BUTCH & JEAN - Chain Drinkin'

Butch & Jean - Chain Drinkin'

1 track
3 minutes
***** ****

After having released four CDs, Butch & Jean, Shuteye Tennessee's well known duo for original comedy and music, thought it was time to release a first video clip. The result is a rather mellow and smooth country song which could be heard in any C&W saloon. Although I only listen to a few alt country acts (Mojo Nixon, Calexico, Clem Snide,...), I don't feel like talking too much about the song.

Much funnier is the video clip itself which was filmed in a typical American looking pub (the 'Smiley Hollow' in Tennessee). As Butch & Jean like to combine music and comedy, the clip will make you laugh on several occasions. They and their friends are masked like some fearsome looking freaks. The special effects are looking cheap, but that surely was the intention. There are atomic green dyed hair, flashing glasses, leprosy masks, oversized plastic lips, foots with fingers and lots of other stuff you definitely won't encounter in real life.

Jean plays Brandi Beirstein in the clip and has a designated drinker license. And a line like "Chain drinking isn't as bad as it seems" surely isn't rejected by the DisAgreement team. Our team can even be seen in the video after 1 minute and 37 seconds with the underline 'Chain drinkers of Amsterdam', although the picture was actually taken at the Café Plusminus in Oberkorn. The beer which gets drawn in the clip really looks so tasty that it doesn't matter if it gets served in a glass or in a shoe.

The clip is short, but I enjoyed every second of it.

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