BENETT (Morku Productions)

Benett (Morku Productions)

34 minutes
***** **

There has to be a first time for everything. As much success as Luxembourgish cinema has known over the last ten years, there has never been an attempt to make a splatter gore movie. Thanks to Morku Productions, we get now the first red-blooded short movie called Benett.

Morku Productions are the two guys from the sick grindcore project Fetuxion, and in an analogy to their incredibly extreme music, you should prepare for a likewise movie. With production costs of only 1.500 Euro, you shouldn't expect too much, of course, but then Benett is more about shedding liters of blood than about telling a good story: in the year 868, a wizard creates a monster who will be trapped in hell for thousands of years and is then resurrected to kill humans in order to gain his freedom.

This is no Braindead or Shawn Of The Dead where good plot lines and bloody gore go hand in hand. The movie owes a little bit to the mute movies of the early cinema history, as the only sentence spoken is "You're all fucking dead". Apart from dead, it's just grunting and screaming and shredding things apart. It's funny to watch, because after all, the effects are not always that good. A blue-screen boxing fight isn't well synchronised, the women giving birth to the monster in the year 868 has a lip piercing (oh anachronism ;-) ), and the acting is a bit clumsy. But then, with most of the budget spent on the special effects, it is still nice to see amateur people working together to have fun and make a totally uncommercial movie. And if you look really hard, you will eventually discover two members of local ass rock heroes John McAsskill in their acting debuts.

The soundtrack has been written by the guys from Fetuxion, but instead of guitar heavy ultragrind, the have restrained themselves and delivered more atmospheric keyboard music.

More interesting than the short film (34 minutes) itself is the hilarious making-of feature, that is running with its 16 minutes for nearly half as long as the movie itself. It is eventually the best part of the DVD, showing how a low-budget movie is made. Best scene of this feature is the part where the crew wants to film a night scene with torches, and then are screamed at by the mad farmer whose field they were filming in.

Further bonus material consists of a hand-drawn storyboard (Benett as a cartoon), a photo gallery and a list of the staff involved.

Benett may be the first Luxembourgish gore movie, but it is not yet a masterpiece. Still it is an interesting release, with plenty of cool bonus material. Check out Morku's website to learn how you can purchase this DIY horror splatter gore movie.

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