POGOREPORT - Animated Report I

Pogoreport - Animated Report I

12 songs
34 minutes

Music DVDs made in Luxembourg are still something of a rarity, so leave it to Pogoreport, the local punk website, to be the first to release a music video CD-ROM. Apart from being a curiosity, it doesn't make much sense to use that medium anymore, because Schalltot have shown that you get much better quality on DVD, and anyway there is even no real price difference anymore.

So we get twelve tracks by eleven band, covering everything from acoustic singer-songerwriter to punk and from ska to grindcore. With the emphasis being on ska and punk, the bands come alphabetically (Bitume, CommunicAution, Green Light and the Rocky Bretheren, Hyacinth, Lawrence Arms, PO Box, Rejected Youth, Rise Up, Skafield, Toxkäpp, Victims), not because there is an ulterior motive to it, but because the makers have put all the MPEG files into one folder.

While most of the bands are good, the sound quality is rather poor, which at times hides the apparent qualities of the bands (Bitume, Lawrence Arms), but at times results in a comic effect, when you hear people talking louder than the music (CommunicAution).

The choice of bands is very good, combining newcomers with the more established bands as well from Luxembourg as from the rest of the world. Even if I can overlook the quality issues (this is an amateur release sold at a ridiculously low price), I would have likes to have a tracklist and, more importantly, the recording dates. You can't make much wrong by buying the CD, but if Pogoreport wants to have the same quality level as the recent Schalltot DVDs, they should get a better microphone for their camera and invest in a DVD authoring software. This release is recommended only for those who were at the shows.

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