Various Artists - Bound For The Bar

103 minutes
***** **
People Like You

Bound For The Bar was a festival tour organised by People Like You Records in 2007. Two shows at the SO36 in Berlin and at Conne Island in Leipzig were filmed. Excerpts are now released on a DVD, which contains next to live concerts also a documentary and interviews with the bands. My promo copy, although already one and three quarters of an hour long, lacks the video clips and audio tracks which will be on the final version.

Six bands are featured with live shows. The Grit, who sound like the Ramones dabbling in rockabilly, are already over after 6 minutes. Peacocks from Switzerland get 20 minutes to perform their raw psychobilly. Their pomaded hair makes the musicians look quite greasy, making their music in my opinion rather something for the ears than for the eyes. Frontkick also only get 8 minutes and play simple but entertaining street punk. Peter Pan Speedrock are the only band with excerpts from both shows and deliver nearly 20 minutes of dirty pig rock performed by three musicians who look like greasy truckers. Chip Hanna plays two unplugged song and leaves after 5 minutes already. His slower music makes a vivid contrast to the other bands. Far From Finished get three songs (9 minutes). Their good natured punk with high song-a-long potential is definitely the highlight of the DVD.

The shows are all quite good, but the interviews and the documentary don’t add much interesting. The camera work is good, and the background music always fitting, but somehow this part of the DVD doesn’t really make it for me. Let’s hope that the definite version will contain longer live excerpts,

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