VARIOUS ARTISTS - Liberation Day (15th March, 2003)

Various Artists - Liberation Day (15th March, 2003)

23 songs
64 minutes
***** **

I enjoyed the Liberation Day at Keispelt very much two years ago. So I really was glad to hear that a DVD of this unique event has now been released for the small price of only 6 euros. The quality is not always on the highest level, but it's more a kind of souvenir to me than a masterpiece you get on real professional DVDs. There is a scene selection so that you don't have to watch the entire concert, but can pick the bands you like.

Here's a little overview of the participating bands.

The DVD starts with GAMENESS from France, an ultrabrutal screamo band. Very melodic guitar lines avoid that the songs become too monotone. During 7 minutes, they present 2 songs in a good sound quality.

The next band are 4SIVITS from Germany, a quite simple mixture of hardcore and anarcho punk. There are some parallels to the very early Black Flag. Their 2 songs are only running for 4 minutes.

They are followed by BOGEY consisting of people from Luxemburg and Belgium. They actually don't exist anymore, but two years ago, nu metal la Slipknot and Fear Factory was very trendy. Their chaotic scene presence and the underpants looking out of the singer's trousers make their show unbearable. It ends after 2 songs resp. 5 minutes.

More exotic are BORA from Lithuania, a hardcore band which gave a very dynamic impression on stage. Sound problems don't make it a highlight on this disc. They play 2 songs during 4 minutes.

The no longer existing ACTARUS from Luxemburg were one of the best live acts of our tiny country. Their instrumental post rock was taking advantage of great ideas, super instrumentation and a bombastic sound. Watching their bassist who's making more funny faces than Ace Ventura is another reason to watch their 2 songs (8 minutes).

DELUGE from the Netherlands suffer from a very bad sound, but their mixture of chaotic hardcore with unexpected slow parts is very interesting. A good set, but they even were better when I saw them a year earlier at the Pacha (2 songs, 6 minutes).

After these 6 bands, there's a visual change on the set. It has meanwhile become dark, the light show has improved, also preventing you to be disturbed by the stupid theatre decorations in the background of this cultural centre.

JUDOBOY from France sound like our local dEFDUMp and play on a high technical level. Unfortunately they only play one song (4 minutes).

COALFIELD from Germany surprise during 5 minutes with 2 quite melodic screamo songs. Unfortunately the sound isn't too great.

ENGRAVE from Germany are one of the disc's highlight. You get 2 songs (5 minutes) of very chaotic yet structured hardcore.

Another strong band are KAFKA from Italy. They are very angry on stage, sounding however amusing because of the singer's funny accent (2 songs, 4 minutes).

Another Italian band are ONE DIMENSIONAL MAN. They are less core than the other bands and more rock. It's sounding like the Revolting Cocks without the industrial component. The sound is great, but the images are so dark that you nearly can't recognise anything. Their only song is running for 2 short minutes.

DEFDUMP, the undisputed Luxemburgish kings of whatever core, had one of their best gigs in their career and surprised with extremely complex song structures. You get 2 songs (6 minutes).

The DVD ends with a 4 minute track from YAGE, a great German chaos band that knows to be emotional, hard and noisy at the same time.

Two minor critics on this DVD are the absence of the festival's headliner Oi Polloi (I suppose that they didn't get the publishing rights) and the abrupt ends of the videos by Yage and Deluge.

Don't expect too much quality on this disc. I see it as a must-have souvenir for everyone present this day at the Liberation Day. Everyone else will certainly find more suitable but also more expensive video compilations. Now you only have to try to find it, as the link given on the DVD no longer works. Your chances are best if you try the vendors at local underground shows. Good luck!

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