VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Schalltot Collective DVD I

Various Artists - The Schalltot Collective DVD I

17 songs
70 minutes
***** ****

This first DVD by the Schalltot Collective presents a bit of what they have been organising during the last three years. There were about 70 concerts, one festival, involving more than 200 bands. This DVD features 12 bands with 16 tracks.

Opener are the fabulous indie rock band APPLESEED CAST (USA) with 1 track live at the Kulturfabrik in Esch/Alzette (5 minutes).

This is followed by MONOCHROME, one of Germany's most popular post rock bands. Although their female singer left shortly before the tour start, their gig at the Marignan in Athus was convincing nevertheless (5 minutes).

Absolute highlight on the disc are the two live tracks by 90 DAY MEN (USA) performed at the Marignan. During more than a quarter of an hour, you get a great mixture of emo, rock, soul, math, etc. This is probably the best show ever organised by Schalltot.

On one short track not even running for 3 minutes, you get again a good impression of EYSTON, Luxemburg's finest noise and chaos core band.

The weakest track on this disc is from SEIDENMATT, a slightly boring instrumental post rock band from Germany (5 minutes, Kulturfabrik).

Their compatriots YAGE are much more convincing and entertaining with their wild emotional noise core attacks (2 songs, 7 minutes, Marignan).

Very amusing are the two songs by American band OFF MINOR who appeared at the Marignan. Their music is chaotic, even slightly jazzy, but even more entertaining is to watch the audience fooling around. Especially the guy in the front row who regularly changes from air guitar to air drums really made me laugh (2 songs, 8 minutes).

HELLA from the USA consist of one drummer and one guitar player. The sound is very strange, disharmonic and nearly impossible to describe. Surely not my favourite music, but the audience went crazy while watching those two strange musicians (2 songs, 6 minutes, Marignan).

THE NATIONALE BLUE from the USA were much more up to my taste. Their song is rock music, quite emotional, but angry too. It's the only concert filmed at the 911 in Belvaux (6 minutes).

ACTARUS were one of Luxemburg's most exciting instrumental bands. You can admire their vivid live show during 4 minutes playing live at the Kulturfabrik.

YAPHET KOTTO is not only the name of a black actor, but it's also an excellent American chaos core band that likes to revel in brutal noise orgies (4 minutes, Marignan).

The DVD ends with GANESHA, a brutal Luxemburgish metal act that doesn't exist any more under the shown line-up (3 minutes, Marignan).

The DVD also contains a lot of bonus materials (slide shows of Schalltot flyers and live pics, information about all the bands featured on the DVD, a preview of the next planned Schalltot DVD and a presentation of the Schalltot brochure 'Do the Evolution').

This is the best musical DVD done so far in Luxemburg. The sound is quite solid and the image quality is OK for live recordings. As the DVD is sold for only 8 euros, this is a very good opportunity to learn more about some lesser known bands.

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