What is DisAgreement Online?
It's an e-zine from Luxembourg (if you don't know where that is, look it up on a map).
DisAgreement started in the early Nineties as a paper zine, saw some instances as a webzine on different servers. The URL www.disagreement.net has been acquired in September 2001.

Who is DisAgreement Online?
DisAgreement is Pascal (editor, reviews) and Lex (reviews).

Where should I send my promo stuff?
If you want your CD or demo or whatever reviewed on DisAgreement Online, you just have to send it to the following address:
Radio ARA
c/o Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir
B.P. 266
L-2012 Luxembourg

That way, your music will immediately arrive at the radioshow we are working at, and airplay will be guaranteed (weekly playlists are published on this site and sent weekly by email to our distribution lists).

Why are reviews never signed by their authors?
Frankly speaking, I (Pascal) never thought about that in the beginning, and now I don't really care about it anymore. We know who wrote what, so if you need to know something specific, just ask.

What happened to the link section?
Basically it's easier to google the stuff you are looking for. We link to bands and their labels on the Reviews page, and to concert organisers on the Concerts page. You should find there everything of vital importance.
The Links section as it existed until late 2008 has been discontinued because it's hard to keep it updated.

What happened to MP3 section?
Haven't you heard? Every self respecting band puts their music on Myspace and thus helps finance Rupert Murdoch's reactionary vision of the world. Again, it's easier to link to bands. Most artists don't seem to offer free MP3 files anymore. Welcome to Web 2.0 where downloading seems to have been pushed aside by streaming content.

Whatever happened to the news section?
I noticed that it was only updated like twice a year or so, so I completely deleted it and replaced it with an easier to handle LiveJournal.

Why is there no Guestbook?
Does anyone use those anymore? The last one we had was full of viagra advertisements that we had to start to question our virility.

Any more questions?
Just ask!