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2019/03/22 Uploaded 2 reviews: Chevalier, Véronique de la Chanson
2019/03/21 Uploaded podcast: radio show 2019-03-17
2019/03/20 Added Upcoming Interviews: Paragon
2019/03/19 Uploaded 2 reviews: Lunar Cape, Pamplemousse
2019/03/17 Uploaded playlist: radio show 2019-03-17
2019/03/14 Added Upcoming Interviews: High Inquisitor Woe, Grave Violator

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Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier
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Cosmic Trigger
    every 4th Friday from 9pm to 12pm CET
    next show: 12th April 2019, Special - Festivals: Out Of The Crowd, Necksplosioun, Roadburn

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