Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 10 July 2016

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Antigama Sentenced To The Void The Insolent Selfmade God
2 The Army Of Butterflies Onto The Night / Into The Light / Missing You Prayers For Rain (EP) (self-released)
3 The Army Of Butterflies Pray For Rain Prayers For Rain (EP) (self-released)
4 Babyoil Love Beat Score Winged Skull
5 Defdump a) La beautÚ du geste b) Ce don de se sentir seul This Is Forevermore Winged Skull
6 Medley Jukebox Cannonball Doll Orchestra (EP) (self-released)
7 Pain Of Salvation Fandango Remedy Lane Re:visited InsideOut
8 Fates Warning From The Rooftops Theories Of Flight InsideOut
9 Hellevate Blasphemer Deceiver Weapons Against Their Will (self-released)
10 Nerodia Vanity Unfair Vanity Unfair Revalve
11 Rotting Obscene Depths Of Decay Depths Of Decay Transcending
12 Stormtide Wrath Of An Empire Wrath Of An Empire Metal Hell
13 Acyl Mercurai Aftermath (self-released)
14 Crowhurst The End II Broken Limbs
15 Zwakkelmann Verlierer-Dasein Entschuldigung Hulk
16 Zwakkelmann Abschalten von allem Entschuldigung Hulk
17 Zwakkelmann Rei▀leine Entschuldigung Hulk


The Army Of Butterflies, Zwakkelmann