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Playlist 6 November 2016

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Anopheli Squanderer The Ache Of Want Halo Of Flies
2 Nick Noro Life Of Crime Vietnamm (EP) Merdümgiriz / NBRD
3 Pitch Black Process Halil İbrahim Sofrası Derin EMP
4 Tardive Dyskinesia Concentric Waves Harmonic Confusion Playfalse
5 Hemina High Kite Ride Venus (self-released)
6 MindAhead Mind Control Reflection Revalve
7 Chariots Of The Gods As The Sky Falls Ages Unsung (self-released)
8 Illyrian Round 2: Fight! Round 2: Fight! (self-released)
9 Eufobia Hater Eufobia Wizard
10 Carved Lilith Kyrie Eleison Revalve
11 Sros Lords Sniper Are You Leaving Everyone? Merdümgiriz
12 Muddy Moonshine Drunk As Fuck Muddy & Wild Secret Entertainment
13 The Answer Solas Solas Napalm
14 Bright Lights Hide Out When Stories Become Places White Russian
15 Seeker Loss Loss (Single) Victory
16 Antier Al Arder Bajo El Cielo De La Quimera, El Dolor (self-released)
17 Striker Locked In Stand In The Fire (self-released)
18 Striker Too Late Stand In The Fire (self-released)
19 Striker The Iron Never Lies Stand In The Fire (self-released)