Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 19 February 2017

# Artist Title Album Label
1 The Progerians 10,000 The Fabulous Progerians GPS
2 Mothersloth The Firemill Moon Omen Argonauta
3 Electric Age Shepherd And The Raven Sleep Of The Silent King Argonauta
4 Raptor King The Long Way To Rock (Pom Pom Pom Pom Pom) Dinocalypse (EP) (self-released)
5 Reflection Time Traveller Bleed Babylon Bleed Pitch Black
6 All The Way Down Thick Smoke For The Princess Noiseworks
7 All The Way Down The Black Herd For The Princess Noiseworks
8 Moulettes Behemooth Preternatural C.R.A.F.T Pop
9 Royal Thunder Wick Wick Spinefarm
10 Ex Deo Crossing Of The Alps The Immortal Wars Napalm
11 Ufosonic Generator Anapest The Evil Smoke Possession Minotauro
12 Twinesuns Simon The Magus The Empire Never Ended Pelagic
13 Ascension Somewhere Back In Time Far Beyond The Stars Spiritual Beast
14 Sharky Sharky Bring The Rock Super Awesome Mega Rock (self-released)
15 Fraser Edwards Mental Brigade I Am God (self-released)


All The Way Down, Fraser Edwards