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Playlist 25 June 2017

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Wayfarer Youth Golden Crown Moving Mountains (EP) White Russian
2 Elusion Desert Of Enticement Desert Of Enticement (self-released)
3 Teleport Realm Of Solar Darkness Ascendance (EP) (self-released)
4 Keitzer Peace Was Never An Option Ascension Give Praise
5 Lunar Shadow The Kraken Far From Light Cruz Del Sur
6 Double Experience SOFINe Unsaved Progress Colfax
7 Heart Attack Burn My Flesh The Resilience Apathia
8 Helioss Santhara Antumbra Apathia
9 King Woman Hierophant Created In The Image Of Suffering Relapse
10 Nemus Nimm mich zu dir Wald - Mensch (self-released)
11 John Frum Presage Of Emptiness A Stirring In The Nods Relapse
12 Seide Ångest Beyond The Fallacy M & O
13 Siniestro Liberato Revelations In Mayhem Bleeding Heart Nihilist
14 Galley Beggar Four Birds Heathen Hymns Rise Above
15 Atavismo La Maldicion Del Zisco Inerte Temple Of Torturous
16 We Ride Do It All Again Empowering Life Victory
17 Område The Same For The Worst Nåde My Kingdom
18 Prometheus The Disgusting Tongues Consumed In Flames Katoptron IX
19 Beastmaker Now Howls The Beast Inside The Skull Rise Above


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