Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 13 August 2017

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Riti Occulti Yetzirah Tetragrammaton Nordavind
2 Satyricon Deep Calleth Upon Death Deep Calleth Upon Death Napalm
3 Incantation Rites Of The Locust Profane Nexus Relapse
4 Atriarch Dead Dead As Truth Relapse
5 Poison Blood Deformed Lights Poison Blood Relapse
6 Bewitcher Sin Is In Her Blood Bewitcher Diabolic Might
7 Quayde LaHe The Oppressor Day Of The Oppressor High Roller
8 Jack Starr's Burning Star Secrets We Hide Stand Your Ground High Roller
9 Chastain All Hail We Bleed Metal 17 Pure Steel
10 Space Vacation Live By The Sword Lost In The Black Divide Pure Steel
11 Epitaph Gossamer Claws Claws High Roller
12 PeroPero Lizards Lizards Panta R&E
13 Prospekt The Illuminated Sky The Illuminated Sky Laser's Edge
14 Lo! Glutton Vestigial Pelagic
15 End Of Green The Door Void Estate Napalm
16 Tyrant's Reign The Amulet Fragments Of Time Dissonance
17 Janet Gardner Rat Hole Janet Gardner Pavement
18 Janet Gardner The Grind Janet Gardner Pavement
19 Janet Gardner The Good Or The Bye Janet Gardner Pavement


Janet Gardner