Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 27 August 2017

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Poltergeist Gone And Forgotten Back To Haunt Pure Steel
2 Raptore My Own Grave Rage N' Fever Witches Brew
3 Under Assault Possessed By Steel Possessed By Steel (7-Inch) Witches Brew
4 Disruptor Annihilation Underworld (Split with Disorder) Witches Brew
5 Disorder Underworld Underworld (Split with Disruptor) Witches Brew
6 Meat Train Redneck Zombies Random Acts Of Carnage Contagion
7 Bloodgod Girl To Adore Rock'n'Roll Warmachine Massacre
8 Heat Sullen Eyes Night Trouble This Charming Man
9 Lewis & The Strange Magics Lisa Melts The Wax Evade Your Soul Soulseller
10 Stillborn Dresden Nocturnals Black Lodge / Sound Pollution
11 Terrible Old Man The Key Fungi From Yuggoth MDD
12 Speed Limit Sweet Morphine Anywhere We Dare Pure Rock
13 Antisect Spirit-Level The Rising Of The Lights Rise Above
14 Pyrrhon Trash Talk Landfill What Passes For Survival Throatruiner
15 Psudoku hq_[LQ] Deep Space Psudokument Selfmade God
16 Psudoku NeURONaMO Planetarisk Sudoku Selfmade God
17 SamadhiSitaram Apotheosis KaliYuga Babalon Sliptrick
18 Howling Giant The Pioneer Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 2 (EP) (self-released)
19 Pennan Brae Walk With Me Walk With Me (Single) (self-released)
20 Pennan Brae On The Highway Early Rise (self-released)
21 Pennan Brae Hollow Intentions Early Rise (self-released)


Pennan Brae