Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 3 September 2017

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Seven Impale Heresy Contrapasso Dark Essence / Karisma
2 Leprous Captive Malina InsideOut
3 Obese Mother Nurture Anamnesis Argonauta
4 Ancient VVisdom In The Name Of Satan 33 Argonauta
5 Bell Cross In The Sky Tidecaller High Roller
6 Fabulae Dramatis Stone Solar Time's Fable (self-released)
7 Shahyd Legacy Dominion Gateways (self-released)
8 Kill The Unicorn F.U.C.K.U.P. Prism (self-released)
9 Repaid In Blood Disturbing Your Lack Of Faith I Find Terra Mourning (EP) (self-released)
10 Insurrection Le prix payer Extraction Galy
11 Holy Terror The Immortal Wasteland Total Terror Dissonance
12 Shining Everything Dies Everything Dies (Single) Spinefarm
13 Chelsea Mission Impossible Mission Impossible Westworld
14 One Life All-In Change The A7 Session (EP) Rust And Blood
15 RabbitPunch Comic Books Kept Me Up All Night First Round Knock Out (EP) (self-released)
16 Ric Gordon To Hear You Say Standing Here (EP) Russian Winter
17 Argus You Are The Curse From Fields Of Fire Cruz Del Sur
18 Crafteon What The Moon Brings Cosmic Reawakening (self-released)
19 Crafteon The Temple Cosmic Reawakening (self-released)
20 Crafteon Dagon Cosmic Reawakening (self-released)