Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 15 October 2017

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Striker Locked In Stand In The Fire (self-released)
2 Zephyra The Darkest Black The Darkest Black (Single) Inverse
3 Kroh Rigor Mortis Pyres (EP) Devizes
4 Tyfon's Doom Beyond Treason Emperor's Path Gates Of Hell
5 Internal Chaos The Arc Chaotic Sounds Propagation (EP) (self-released)
6 Aeranea The Fall The Demons Inside Painted Bass
7 Major Parkinson Baseball Blackbox Karisma
8 Vvon Dogma I Communion Communion (EP) (self-released)
9 Heptaedium How Long Shall I Suffer Here? How Long Shall I Suffer Here? Apathia
10 Haemorrhage Nauseating Employments We Are The Gore Relapse
11 Smothered Bowels I Wupped Batman's Ass Dead Cunt Dance Bizarre Leprous
12 Saturday's Heroes Lizzy Pineroad Lövely
13 F.K.Ü. Nightmares In A Damaged Brain 1981 Despotz
14 White Boy and the Average Rat Band Neon Warriors White Boy and the Average Rat Band (Re-Release 1979) Heaven and Hell
15 Lady Beast The Way Vicious Breed Cruz Del Sur
16 Purple Hill Witch Celestial Cemetary Celestial Cemetary The Church Within
17 Myrkgrav Skjon jomfru Takk Og Farvel; Tida Er Blitt Ei Annen Pest
18 Nump Cold At Night Sun Is Cycling Timezone
19 Kill The Unicorn F.U.C.K.U.P. Prism (self-released)
20 Kill The Unicorn Hun On The Run Demo 2015 (self-released)
21 Kill The Unicorn Drew At The Pool Demo 2015 (self-released)


Kill The Unicorn