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Playlist 5 November 2017

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Bright Lights Hide Out When Stories Become Places White Russian
2 Thanx 4 All The Shoes Another Ride Another Ride White Russian
3 I Against I Walk Away White Russian Records 2017 Sampler White Russian
4 Shiny Gnomes Feel Like Starting Again Searchin' For Capitola Micropal
5 Pamplemousse Zoo Circus Pamplemousse Ā Tant Ręver Du Roi
6 Ni Jona Dedoda Zach / Red Wig
7 Priest Vaudeville New Flesh Lövely
8 Fotocrime At Play In The Night Tide Always Night (EP) Golden Antenna
9 Hooded Priest Call For The Hearse The Hour Be None I Hate
10 Vessel Of Light Descend Into Death Vessel Of Light Argonauta
11 Seax Fall To The Hammer Speed Metal Mania / To The Grave (Re-Release) Iron Shield
12 Vojd Behind The Frame Behind The Frame (EP) High Roller
13 Versus You Birthday Boy Birthday Boys (EP) Noiseworks
14 Shrapnel Jester Raised On Decay Spinefarm
15 Crom One Step To The Lake Below When Northmen Die Pure Steel
16 Hetman The Gateway Sewn From The Ashes Book Svarga
17 Putrescence Unrecognizable Me Voiding Upon The Pulverized Eclectic
18 Bleeding Heir To Apostasy Elementum Pure Prog
19 Bleeding MacBeth Elementum Pure Prog
20 Bleeding Ember Elementum Pure Prog