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Playlist 18 February 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 All The Way Down Daily Torture For The Princess Noiseworks
2 Satanic Surfers The Usurper The Usurper (Single) Mondo Macabre
3 Afrockaine Avancez (ft. Dr Kadi) Revival STF
4 Eleanor Defying Gravity Celestial Nocturne Mighty
5 ShadowKeep Guardian Of The Sea ShadowKeep Pure Steel
6 Circle Of Silence Destroyers Of The Earth The Crimson Throne Massacre
7 Fist S.S. Giro Back With A Vengeance Dissonance
8 Hellanbach All Systems Go The Big H: The Hellenbach Anthology Dissonance
9 Windhand Old Evil Split CD Relapse
10 Satan's Satyrs Alucard AD 2018 Split CD Relapse
11 Evil Spirit The Word Of Flesh The Imageless Mirror (EP) Exit
12 Funeral Parade Ce que je vois F.P. M & O
13 Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf Shadow In The Well Shadow In The Well (Single) Soman
14 Disconnected Blind Faith White Colossus Apathia
15 Adversor Ignoble Blackmail The End Of Mankind Punishment 18
16 Ghoul Cult Infernal Upheaval Ghoul Cult Duplicate
17 Archaic Hidden Desire How Much Blood Would You Shed To Stay Alive? Nail
18 Infiltration Nuclear Strike Warning Nuclear Strike Warning (EP) WormHoleDeath
19 Frozen Ocean Tredje vind: Handflate av stormen Transience (self-released)
20 Smothered Bowels In Dog We Thrust Dead Cunt Dance Bizarre Leprous
21 Frozen Ocean Isig flod Transience (self-released)