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Playlist 1 July 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Kayleth Ignorant Song Colossus Argonauta
2 Sacred Leather Watcher Ultimate Force Cruz Del Sur
3 Desolate Pathway Desolate Pathway Valley Of The King WormHoleDeath
4 Mammoth Grinder Locusts Nest Cosmic Crypt Relapse
5 W.A.S.P. Chainsaw Charlie ReIdiolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol) Napalm
6 Templeton Pek Nowhere To Hide Watching The World Come Undone Drakkar
7 Miracle Light Mind The Strife Of Love In A Dream Relapse
8 Rawfoil Fail Evolution In Action Punishment 18
9 Burden Of Grief Eye Of The Storm Eye Of The Storm Massacre
10 Aborted Fetus Drenched Eyes In Boiling Oil The Ancient Spirits Of Decay Comatose
11 Widow's Peak Debt Collector Graceless (EP) (self-released)
12 Chevalier The Awakening A Call To Arm Gates Of Hell
13 Talbot Magnetism Magnetism (self-released)
14 Dead Season Prohibition Of God Prophecies Dissonances
15 The Outsider Ancient Beast Of The Apocalypse (feat. Snowy Shaw) Ancient Beast Of The Apocalypse (EP) (self-released)
16 Mist White Torch Free Me Of The Sun Soulseller
17 Chalice The Age Of Fear Ashes Of Hope (self-released)
18 Witchskull Priestess Coven's Will Rise Above
19 In Vain Frozen Wings IV (self-released)
20 Hatred Reigns In Anguish Realm: I - Affliction (EP) (self-released)
21 Centauro IDS Daņo Colateral (self-released)


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