Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 7 October 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Trallskogen Trollskogen Trollskogen Nikasounds
2 Supergroup Vol. 4 Head On Wrong Supergroup Vol. 4 Micropal
3 Chris de Biel & die Lėrchen Busenwunder Chris de Biel & die Lėrchen Micropal
4 Mile Me Deaf Thee Favours HDD Backup Siluh
5 Vague Hey Johnny Hey Johnny (Single) Siluh
6 Browsing Collection Something To Hold On To Something To Hold On To (Single) Icons Creating Evil Art
7 Blackdraft Motivation The Quest Mighty
8 Polynove Pole The Nightbirds On The Edge Of The Abyss (EP) Moon
9 Sacrosanct Grim Sleeper Necropolis Rock Of Angels
10 Sinbreed Falling Down IV Massacre
11 Axxis The Tragedy Of Mr Smith Monster Hero AFM
12 Frozen Land Loser's Game Frozen Land Massacre
13 Windhand First To Die Eternal Return Relapse
14 DC4 Baba O'Riley Atomic Highway Highvol
15 Zapruder Dracula Love Hotel Zapruder Apathia
16 Asbest They Kill Driven Czar Of Bullets
17 Alastor Drawn To The Abyss Slave To the Grave Riding Easy
18 Antilope Bei dir hinterm Haus Bei dir hinterm Haus (Single) (self-released)
19 Antilope Über den See Antilope (EP) (self-released)
20 Antilope Taku Tsubo Antilope (EP) (self-released)