Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 11 November 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Atrocity Masters Of Darkness Masters Of Darkness (EP) Massacre
2 Silver Dust Bette Davis Eyes (feat. Mr. Lordi) House 21 Fastball / Escudero
3 Van Canto Melody Trust In Rust Napalm
4 Arrayan Path Rod Of Asclepius Archegonoi Pitch Black
5 Infinita Symphonia The Time Has Come Liberation My Kingdom
6 Athrox Ashes Of Warsaw Through The Mirror Revalve
7 Sacrosanct The Sickened Thrill Truth Is What Is (Re-Release) Vic
8 Project Infinity Universe Universe Suspiria
9 Season Of Tears Dark Card Dark Card (Single) (self-released)
10 Open Surgery Hammer Justice After Birth Abortion (EP) BVR
11 Sectlinefor George Campbell's Wife Cooks The Best Lasagne Don't Make This About You (self-released)
12 As A New Revolt Retina Txrx Atypeek / Sand
13 Maat Lander There, Where The Crystal Image Of The Whole Space Dwells Seasons of Space (Book #2) Clostridium
14 Roz Vitalis Passing Over Elephant Live (self-released)
15 Hazards Of Swimming Naked Curtis Take Great Joy Bird's Robe
16 Dark Bird Lay Low Lay Low Ur Audio-Visual
17 The Slags Sorry Scott The Bedroom Tapes Sabotage Concept
18 The Slags A Few Hot Minutes The Bedroom Tapes Sabotage Concept
19 The Slags Perfume Of The Rose The Bedroom Tapes Sabotage Concept


The Slags