$ Playlist 28 July 2019

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 28 July 2019

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Second Sun Noll Respekt Eländes Elände Gaphals
2 Ink Bomb Sternschanze Fiction (self-released)
3 Neptune Power Federation Rat Queen Memoirs Of A Rat Queen Cruz Del Sur
4 Sænder Decke Ahoi Rock'n'Roll (EP) Songpark Nord / Finetunes
5 Smeltz Architekten Schön ist anders Delicious
6 Ruotomieli Ei oo helppoo kun on vaikeaa Born In The O.Y.S. Secret Entertainment
7 The Drippers Gimme The Shakes Action Rock The Sign
8 Victims The Birth Of Tragedy The Horse And Sparrow Theory Relapse
9 Avavago Trampled To Death Tyrant Blood And Brutality
10 Rotten Hate Church Stabbing The Masses Australis
11 Horrific Demise Suicidal Frenzy Excruciating Extermination Comatose
12 Hypoxia Dark Desires Abhorrent Disease Selfmade God
13 Consummation The Weightless Grip Of Fire The Fires Of Calcination (Compilation) Sentient Ruin
14 Target The Coming Of Chaos Neudi Presents: Damn, This Stuff Is Heavy (Vol. 1) Golden Core / ZYX
15 Seventh Son Silent Truth Arc Of Infinity STF
16 Weapon UK Queen Of The Ride Ghosts Of War Pure Steel
17 Omen Lehunyt Szemmel Halálfogytiglan Hammer
18 Ice Vinland Age Of Steel Asgard Steel (Re-Release) Pure Steel
19 Amulet The Satanist The Inevitable War Dissonance
20 Amulet Shockwave The Inevitable War Dissonance
21 Amulet Poison Chalice The Inevitable War Dissonance