$ Playlist 1 September 2019

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 1 September 2019

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Professor Black Get It On I Am The Rock High Roller
2 Thrashfire Pure Devestating Necromancy Into The Armageddon Xtreem
3 Red Razor Brewtal Mosh The Revolution Continues (self-released)
4 Abbinormal Hellcore 1996 Sliptrick
5 Fateful Finality The Raid Executor Fastball
6 Wardress Wardress Dress For War Fastball
7 Aerodyne Kick It Down Damnation Rock Of Angels
8 Screamer Shadow Hunter Highway Of Heroes The Sign
9 Iron Kingdom White Wolf On The Hunt (self-released)
10 Assassin's Blade Dream Savant Gather Darkness Pure Steel
11 Holy Serpent Lord Deceptor Endless Riding Easy
12 Arx Atrata An Undying Verse The Path Untravelled (self-released)
13 Cell God Of The NetherRealm Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos (self-released)
14 ShadowThrone Black Dove Upon My Shoulder Element's Blackest Legacy Non Serviam
15 Messora The Falling Star The Door (self-released)
16 Kurgan The Fall Of Asgard Yggdrasil Burns Massacre
17 The Curse Of Millhaven Shelter Thresholds Dust & Bones
18 Alex Mofa Gang Ende Offen Ende Offen Redfield
19 Alex Mofa Gang Hinter den Fassaden Ende Offen Redfield
20 Alex Mofa Gang Kleine Schwester Größenwahn Ende Offen Redfield


Alex Mofa Gang