$ Playlist 29 December 2019

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 29 December 2019

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Bro Jovi I Am Eternal Songs To Crush Beer To Vol 1 - Slippery When Blacked Seeing Red
2 Adrestia Punks For Rojava The Wrath Of Euphrates WormHoleDeath
3 Abythic Order Of The Gash Conjuring The Obscure Xtreem
4 Diabolical Mental State Home Invasion Diabolical World (self-released)
5 Hangman's Chair Lost Brothel Bus de nuit (EP) Spinefarm
6 Cabrakašn Huitzilin Cem Anahuac My Home Sliptrick
7 Wind Rose Drunken Dwarves Wintersaga Napalm
8 Beyond Remains Unleash The Violence Unleash The Violence (self-released)
9 Survive Wrath Immortal Warriors Sliptrick
10 Midnight Force The Doom Of Kiev Gododdin Iron Shield
11 Beto Vazquez Infinity Evolution Humanity Sleaszy Rider
12 Coffins Terminate By Own Prophecy Beyond The Circular Demise Relapse
13 Pripjat To Protect And Secure A Glimpse Beyond (Split-EP with Hell:On) The Crawling Chaos
14 Crystal Viper Still Alive Tales Of Fire And Ice AFM
15 Project Renegade Products Of War Order Of The Minus (self-released)
16 Unleash The Archers Heartless World Explorers Napalm
17 RedSphere Maelstrom Immortal Voids M & O
18 Hypnotic Drive Blackwood Child Road Rage M & O
19 Matterhorn Violent Success Crass Cleansing Dying Victims
20 Rhodium Man Of Honor Sea Of The Dead Sliptrick
21 My Funeral Thrash n' Destroy Graveblaster (EP) (self-released)
22 VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC Against Humans, Against Animals, Against Everything Austrian Dukes Of Derangement (EP) Xenokorp
23 Visceral Evisceration Welter In Carnal Lust The Lost Tapes Vic
24 Chronicle They Have Returned Demonology Mighty
25 Aeons Confer Wise Deflector Zero Elysium (self-released)


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