$ Playlist 5 January 2020

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 5 January 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Black Mass Graveyard Rock Warlust Iron Shield
2 The Devil's Rejects She Wolf Of The SS Blood Feast Polypus
3 Secutor Shapeshifter Executor (self-released)
4 Anvil Chemtrails Legal At Last AFM
5 Ian Blurton Future Now Seven Bells Signals Through the Flames Seeing Red / Pajama Party
6 Paul Di'Anno Prowler Hell Over Waltrop Metalville
7 Randy Holden Fruit & Iceburgs Population II (Re-Release) Riding Easy
8 Hex A.D. Astro Tongue Astro Tongue In The Electric Garden Fresh Tea
9 Mortal Incarnation Infinite Consciousness Unchained From The Mortal Incarnation Lunar Radiant Dawn (EP) Sentient Ruin
10 Dysemblem Funerary Sceptre Autotomy III Damnation / Immortal Bytes
11 Moloken Venom Love Unveilance Of Dark Matter The Sign
12 Pestifer Ominous Wanderers Ominous Wanderers (Single) Xenokorp
13 Bestial Invasion The Angel Of The West Window Monomania Nocturnus
14 Hellevate Krampusnacht Krampusnacht (EP) (self-released)
15 Lordi I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You Killection AFM
16 Brothers Of Metal Powersnake Emblas Saga AFM
17 Cellar Twins Millenium Duality (self-released)
18 Cellar Twins Molotov Parade Duality (self-released)
19 Cellar Twins Selfear Duality (self-released)


Cellar Twins