$ Playlist 19 January 2020

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 19 January 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Mörglbl Les Légions du Rhum The Story Of Scott Rötti Free Electric Sound / The Laser's Edge
2 Miles To Perdition S.O.M.A. 2084 (self-released)
3 Miles To Perdition Circles Blasphemous Rhapsody (self-released)
4 Miles To Perdition I Am The Law Vengeance (self-released)
5 Miles To Perdition Terror Of Lies 2084 (self-released)
6 Straight Hate Meaningless Trash Black Sheep Parade Deformeathing
7 Verbal Razors We Are Rats By Thunder And Lightning Deadlight
8 Skull Koraptor Blast It Out Chaos Station Ragnarök
9 SDI Trash 80s Metal Band MDD
10 Stallion No Mercy Slaves Of Time High Roller
11 ShadoWhispers Monster Mara (self-released)
12 Ulf Block 4 Block 4 (Single) My Favourite Chords / Moment Of Collapse
13 The Glad Husbands Spare Parts Safe Places Atypeek
14 Juice Oh Yeah Dnaa Juice Oh Yeah Addicted
15 Antilope Tatortabend Woanders ist es immer besser (self-released)
16 Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf Wheels Of Confusion Sordid Songs For A Cold Grey Sun (EP) Black Doomba
17 Magnolia Trilogia Do Obituario Cynthia (self-released)


Miles To Perdition