$ Playlist 22 March 2020

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 22 March 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Zephyra Fånge i frihet Fall. Rise. Conquer. (self-released)
2 Your Last Wish Monarque Eradicate (self-released)
3 Nawabs Of Destruction Rising Vengeance Rising Vengeance Pathologically Explicit
4 Chotzä Schtächzähni Tüüfuswärk Northern Fog
5 Rammelhof Brexit Umweltschmutz Mano Cornuta
6 One Life All-In Cold Hand Struggles Letter Of Forgiveness (self-released)
7 Bear Obey Propaganda Pelagic
8 Virocracy Initio Irradiation Black Sunset / MDD
9 Wells Valley Antient Reconcile The Antinomy Chaosphere / Raging Planet / Black Lion
10 White Ward Love Exchange Failure Love Exchange Failure Eitrin
11 Asenblut Die wilde Jagd Die wilde Jagd AFM
12 Aether Realm Slave To The Riff Redneck Vikings From Hell Napalm
13 Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy I Bless The Slams Down In Africa Glam Not Slam Gore House
14 Ante-Inferno Oath Fane Ukem
15 Raider No Sign Of The Dawn Guardian Of The Fire (self-released)
16 Secutor Into Danger Executor (self-released)
17 Secutor Shapeshifter Executor (self-released)
18 Secutor Speedkings Executor (self-released)