$ Playlist 19 April 2020

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 19 April 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Ciolkowska Psychedelia Psychedelia Addicted
2 Ravioli Musick Sanitize (Beastie Boys Parody) Stay The Fvck Home #CovidEdition (Compilation) Asher Media
3 Defecal Of Gerbe Adolph Lundgren Multiverse War Kult II: MMXVII-MMXX (Kaos Reborn) (Compilation) Xenokorp
4 Foetal Juice Take Your Face For A Shit Gluttony Gore House
5 Black Pestilence Hellfire Hail the Flesh (self-released)
6 Al-Namrood Sahra Yaesa Wala'at Shaytan
7 Boisson Divine Xivalier de Sentralha La Halha Brennus
8 Thor Rising Rising (Single) Deadline
9 Jack Maniak The Enemy Within Maniaktivity (EP) Jet Set Trash / Midnight Pursuit
10 It's For Us You Are The One Malax (EP) Novoton
11 Francis Of Delirium Circles All Change Pop Up
12 Thundermother Driving In Style Driving In Style (Single) AFM
13 BPMD Toys In The Attic American Made Napalm
14 Road Warrior Fox Devils Wild March II Gates Of Hell
15 Retched Black Leather And Me The Overlord Messiah (EP) (self-released)
16 Ancillotti Firewind Hell On Earth Pure Steel
17 Ancient Curse Forever Young The New Prophecy Pure Steel
18 Lunar Comfort Eidolon Divebomb
19 Edenbridge Live And Let Go Dynamind Steamhammer
20 Edenbridge Where The Oceans Collide Dynamind Steamhammer
21 Edenbridge On The Other Side Dynamind Steamhammer