Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 7 June 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Alex Mofa Gang Kleine Schwester Größenwahn Ende offen Pop Up
2 One Tape Goldfischglas Goldfischglas (Single) Langstrumpf
3 Federnelken Marianne Koch Endlich reich (EP) (self-released)
4 My Little White Rabbid Money Maker Money Maker (Single) Pop Up
5 Lykantropi Coming Your Way Coming Your Way (Single) Despotz
6 High Spirits Since You've Been Gone Hard To Stop High Roller
7 Devastator Worship The Goat Baptised In Blasphemy Clobber
8 Heksebrann Storm Of Fury Spiritual Descending (self-released)
9 Thunderslave Lightning Strikes Unchain The Night No Remorse
10 Leather Synn Committed To Metal Warlord (EP) Non Nubis
11 Greyhawk Drop The Hammer Keepers Of The Flame Fighter
12 Spell Psychic Death Opulent Decay Bad Omen
13 Devil's Bargain Endless Fight Visions (self-released)
14 Exiled On Heart Forager Of Sanity Non Euclidean Punishment 18
15 Abhorrent Ruling Dynasty Kathabasis Australis
16 Dawnwalker Crestfallen Crestfallen (EP) (self-released)
17 Tiberius Mechanical Messiah A Peaceful Annihilation (self-released)
18 Varus Ascheregen A New Dawn (self-released)
19 P.O.E. (Philosophy Of Evil) Puppet Show Of Humanity And Other Odd Things Revalve
20 Leecher One-Second Confusion Deviant Nail
21 Leecher Messengers Of Fear Deviant Nail
22 Leecher Rainmaker Deviant Nail