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Playlist 28 June 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Sun Below Wires Volume III (self-released)
2 Terrifiant Devil In Transport Terrifiant Gates Of Hell
3 Slowburn Run Out Rock'n'Roll Rats Fighter
4 Necrophiliac Magma Of Flesh (Beasts Of The Earth) No Living Man Is Innocent Xtreem
5 Smoulder Dream Quest Ends Dream Quest Ends (EP) Cruz Del Sur
6 Scarab The Dwellers Beneath Martyrs Of The Storm Black Lodge
7 Sons Of A Wanted Man Serpentine Kenoma Les Acteurs de l'Ombre
8 Vanir Særimners Kød 10 Years Of Mead And Metal (EP) Mighty
9 Course Of Fate The Faceless Men Pt. I Mindweaver Rock Of Angels
10 Wallop Missing In Action Alps On Fire Pure Steel
11 The Wizar'd Wizard's Revenge Subterranean Exile Cruz Del Sur
12 Dimholt Into Darker Serenity Epistēmē (self-released)
13 Two Face Sinner Army Of Me Spiritual Nemesis Non Serviam Records
14 New Hate Rising Miles Miles Swell Creek
15 Lesser Glow The Great Imitator Nullity Pelagic
16 The Last Seed Arise Revenant Nihilistische KlangKunst
17 Challenger A Place Of Tranquility Turned To Dust (EP) Dying Victims
18 Sickening Horror Fragments Of Time Chaos Revamped Pathologically Explicit
19 Iku-Turso Belum Pakana Wolfspell
20 Lord Of Light Ballad Of The Righteous Morning Star No Remorse


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