Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 5 July 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Pattern-Seeking Animals No One Ever Died And Made Me King Pattern-Seeking Animals InsideOut
2 Cicadastone Dying In Sunshine Dying In Sunshine (Single) Golden Robot
3 Moonlight Desires The Goonies 'R' Good Enough At The Movies (EP) Infamous Butcher
4 Bob Katsionis Boss Fight II: The Mad Mouse Amadeus Street Warrior Symmetric
5 Jesus Wept Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) Apartheid Redux Redefining Darkness
6 Oneiric Celepha´s The Aeon Of Death The Obscure Sibyl (EP) Gore House
7 Stench Of Profit Earth Is Bleeding No Place To Hide Lethal Scissor
8 T÷xik Death Savage Nights Sepulchral Demons High Roller
9 Onslaught Generation Antichrist Generation Antichrist AFM
10 Sanity Control Paying Is Believing War On Life Seeing Red / Selfmadegod
11 Iron Angel Sands Of Time Emerald Eyes Mighty
12 Psycho´d Anarchy Thrash Impact (Re-Release) Music-Records
13 Sons Of Butcher Lockdown In Steeltown Lockdown In Steeltown (EP) Infamous Butcher
14 Long Distance Calling Hazard How Do We Want To Live? InsideOut
15 Pree Tone Fifth O Brekka Addicted
16 Spook The Horses Self Destroyer Empty Body Pelagic
17 Valentine & The Regard Into The Black Hole Singularity Ur Audio Visual
18 The Truffauts Sophie, la lune et moi Une collection de chansons franšaises (Compilation) La Souterraine
19 The Riven Windbreaker Windbreaker / Moving On (EP) The Sign
20 Rammelhof SUV Umweltschmutz Mano Cornuta
21 Rammelhof Brexit Umweltschmutz Mano Cornuta
22 Rammelhof Frau sein Umweltschmutz Mano Cornuta