Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 19 July 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Hemina We Will Night Echoes (self-released)
2 A Sound Of Thunder Queen Of Hell (orchestral version) Parallel Eternity (self-released)
3 Bárbara Black Damnified Love, Death & Flies Rock Estatal
4 Velvet Viper The Spell From Over Yonder From Over Yonder (remastered) Massacre
5 Velvet Viper Pilgrimage Pilgrimage (remastered) Massacre
6 Kansas Throwing Mountains The Absence Of Presence InsideOut
7 Night Burning Sky High Tides, Distant Skies The Sign
8 Angband Fighters IV Pure Underground
9 Attaxe Pedal To The Metal 20 Years The Hard Way Pure Steel
10 Fortress Under Siege Lords Of Death Atlantis Rock Of Angels
11 Dethlehem A Tale That Time Forgot Maelstrom Of The Emerald Dragon (self-released)
12 Denominate Abandoned Isochron Inverse
13 Begrafven Frostfödd Dödsriket Unexploded
14 Cancer The Depths IV: Summit's Delusion Opioid (self-released)
15 Sacrilegious Rite Arise From Thy Sleep De Poetica Tenebris (EP) Dominance Of Darkness
16 Nytt Land Seven Spirits In White Coats Cvlt Cold Spring
17 Nytt Land Niðavellir Cvlt Cold Spring
18 Nytt Land Song Of The Kazym Goddess Cvlt Cold Spring


Nytt Land