Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 20 September 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Runemagick Necromancer Of The Red Sun Into Desolate Realms High Roller
2 Ivan The Winds Will Scream Silver Screens Solitude
3 Sunset Forsaken The Ebony Chasm Of Despair 85 Nerves BadMoonMan
4 Intaglio Solitude Intaglio (15th Anniversary Remix) Solitude / Weird Truth
5 R.I.P. Dead End Dead End Riding Easy
6 Lost In Static Jordan Jordan (Single) (self-released)
7 Kamni Black Days Mandala Addicted
8 Sick Society You Are No One Urně1 (self-released)
9 Incinerated Chaos Infinite Stellar Abomination BlackSeed
10 The Waymaker Kingdom Of Heaven Kingdom Of Heaven Black Lodge
11 Under The Oak Chaos In The Pit Ripped Up By The Roots Wormholedeath
12 Nuclear Warfare Death By Zucchini Lobotomy MDD
13 Unleash The Archers Abyss Abyss Napalm
14 Defecto Rise Duality Black Lodge
15 Defecto The Uninvited Duality Black Lodge
16 Defecto Tempest Duality Black Lodge