Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 3 January 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Secutor Into Danger Executor (self-released)
2 Betrayed Looters Will Be Shot The Unbeliever ThrashBack
3 Torn Fabriks Idiocracy Layers Mind Consumption (EP) Firecum
4 Bloodkill Blindead Circus Throne Of Control (self-released)
5 Wizard We Fight Metal In My Head Massacre
6 Siren Fuel Injected Suicide Back From The Dead (self-released)
7 Philm Steamroller Time Burner Metalville
8 Evergrey A Dandelion Cipher Escape Of The Phoenix AFM
9 Lake Of Tears Lost In A Moment Ominous AFM
10 Lykantropi Tales To Be Told Tales To Be Told Despotz
11 Viagra Boys Ain't Nice Wellfare Jazz Year0001
12 Alice Gift Eutopia Alles ist Gift No Emb Blanc / Cymbeline
13 Señor Karōshi Alphatier Krise (EP) Disentertainment
14 Serdimontana Desert Island On The Sunny Side (self-released)
15 Dusky Dive Sky Sky (Single) Addicted
16 Black Pyramid No Life King Black Pyramid (Re-Release) Labyrinth Of Thoughts
17 Souls Of Diotima Sleep Demon Janas Rockshots
18 Vis Mystica Lux Et Veritas Celestial Wisdom (self-released)
19 Kickin' Valentina Freak Show The Revenge Of Rock Mighty
20 Fluppe Zwei Schüsse Alte Kanzlei Billstedt Chateau Lala
21 Fluppe Warten Billstedt Chateau Lala
22 Fluppe Après Shit Billstedt Chateau Lala