Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 14 March 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Lord Vigo Shoulder Of Orion Danse de Noir High Roller
2 Mindless Sinner We Go Together Turn On The Power (Re-Release) Pure Steel
3 Hellryder Night Rider The Devil Is A Gambler Rock Of Angels
4 Debauchery Blood Eternal God Monster Metal Massacre
5 Balgeroth Böse bis ins Blut Monster Metal Massacre
6 Blood God Monster Metal Monster Metal Massacre
7 Solitary I Will Not Tolerate The Truth Behind The Lies Metalville
8 Ireful Sicko's Short Fuse The Walls Of Madness (EP) Defense
9 The Harvest Trail Rampage Instinct (self-released)
10 Conquerors World Eater Stormbringer Music-Records
11 HAH Quartre-Quart au Thon Chimaera Monstrosa (self-released)
12 Part Chimp Back From The Dead Drool Wrong Speed / Learning Curve
13 Younolovebunny Where Are You Now Monster Jazz Safe In The Rain
14 Dusk Of Delusion In The Army Now World At War (EP) Fantai'zic
15 Urne Desolate Heart Serpent & Spirit Candlelight
16 Nanga Parbat Through A Lake Of Damnation Downfall And Torment Sliptrick
17 Dan Baune’s Lost Sanctuary Open Your Eyes Lost Sanctuary Rock Of Angels
18 Siren Insomnia Back From The Dead (self-released)
19 Siren Science Fiction Movie Back From The Dead (self-released)
20 Siren S-Blade Serenade Back From The Dead (self-released)