Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 18 April 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Boisson Divine Libertat La Halha Brennus
2 Left Hand Solution Jolene Dead Of Winter Massproduktion
3 Temtris Race To The End Ritual Warfare Wormholedeath
4 Sommo Inquisitore Anno Mille Anno Mille Metal Resistance
5 Orodruin Peasant's Lament Epicurean Mass (Re-Release) Cruz Del Sur
6 Raven Mind Over Metal All For One (Re-Release) High Roller
7 Heir Apparent Tear Down The Walls Foundations I (Compilation) Vic
8 Giotopia Bad Blood Resurrected Trinity Of Evil (self-released)
9 Blazon Rite Alchemist's Brute Endless Halls Of Golden Totem Gates Of Hell
10 Bloodsport Lion's Den Lethal Tender (EP) Nightstrike
11 Arched Fire Back On Track Remote Control Wormholedeath
12 Antioch Cloven Hooves Antioch V (EP) Iron Shield
13 Last Agony The Imminent Slaughter The Imminent Slaughter Sentient Ruin
14 S.H.I. In The Mouth Of Madness 4 死 DEATH Relapse
15 Hysterese Meltdown Hysterese 2021 This Charming Man
16 Steven Neufeld Coming Clean Craig's OTHER Brother White Russian / Thousand Islands
17 Miesha and the Spanks I Want Fire Singles (EP) (self-released)
18 Nad Sylvan The Hawk Spiritus Mundi InsideOut
19 Meer Beehive Playing House Karisma
20 Meer Across The Ocean Playing House Karisma
21 Meer Picking Up The Pieces Playing House Karisma