Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 23 May 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Ice War Soldiers Of Frost Defender, Destroyer Fighter
2 Xenos All Shall Fall The Dawn Of Ares Iron Shield
3 Engraver Desire To Kill Behind (EP) Wormholedeath
4 Rebellion World War II We Are The People Massacre
5 Powerwolf Beast Of Gévaudan Call Of The Wild Napalm
6 Patrick Hemer Brainwashed Brainwashed (Single) Lion Music
7 Olorin Ringwe Through Shadow And Flame Rafchild
8 Alastor The Killer In My Skull Onwards And Downwards Riding Easy
9 Deathchant Black Dirt Waste Riding Easy
10 Hawel / McPhail Come Around Again Transmission From The Upper Room La Pochette Surprise
11 Dunya Same Sky Dunya (EP) La Pochette Surprise
12 Frost* Terrestrial Day And Age InsideOut
13 The Spectre Beneath Broken The New Identity Of Sidney Stone Wormholedeath
14 The Absence Coffinized Coffinized M-Theory Audio
15 Soul Grinder Mercyful Fate Lifeless Obsession (EP) MDD
16 Mindpatrol Porcelain Skin Ikaria Green Zone
17 Mindpatrol Stainless White Ikaria Green Zone
18 Mindpatrol Terminus Ikaria Green Zone