Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 15 August 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Nomvdic The Last 3 Months Have Felt Like One Long, Bad Dream And Everyday I Hope Iím Going To Wake Up Euphoria (self-released)
2 Prey For Nothing Angels Of Atheism Kivshan (self-released)
3 Rageful Feed The Pigs Ineptitude (self-released)
4 Hatemonger Perpetual War The Vile Maxim (EP) Redefining Darkness
5 Mutant Blast Blades Of Steel Detonation (EP) Wormholedeath
6 Barbarian Prophecies Among Us Horizon Base Record
7 12Gauge Rampage #KilledMoreCuntsThanCovid Unleash The Rage Grindhead
8 Nunslaughter Broken And Alone Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death Hells Headbangers
9 Olympus Poseidon Gods (self-released)
10 Sulferon Christcunt Caelesti Irrumator Sleaszy Rider
11 Flesia Freiwilliger Insasse Trost Revolvermann / Manyiax
12 Dantalion The Relentless Shadow Time To Pass Away Darkwoods
13 Graveyard Shifters Head Turns First, Eyes Follow Head Turns First, Eyes Follow... (EP) (self-released)
14 Iron Lizards The Way You Play The Game Hungry For Action The Sign
15 Ric Gordon The Coming Back The Coming Back (Single) Buffalo Burger
16 Swutscher Daheim Daheim (Single) La Pochette Surprise
17 Jaguwar Gold Gold Tapete
18 Roselyn For The War Alive At Zero Prime Collective
19 Scarecrow Mark Of The Werewolf Splatterpunk 82 Records
20 Wildstreet Tennessee Cocaine III Golden Robot
21 Trance The Fighter Metal Forces Metalapolis
22 Perpetual Etude Once We Were One Now Is The Time Sound Pollution
23 Hunted Time Will Tell Deliver Us Pitch Black
24 Rebel's End Rawhead Sing To The Devil Pure Steel
25 Wings Of Destiny Reborn Immortal Memento Mori Wormholedeath
26 Part Chimp One In The Eye Drool Wrong Speed / Learning Curve
27 Part Chimp Clever Drool Wrong Speed / Learning Curve
28 Part Chimp It's True, Man Drool Wrong Speed / Learning Curve


Part Chimp