Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 20 March 2022

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Yawning Sons Adrenaline Rush Sky Island Ripple
2 Odds Ratio You Give Me Fever Odds Ratio (EP) (self-released)
3 Zwakkelmann Männergrippe Liebhaberei Hulk
4 Capricorn The Searcher For The Restless Wild Kingdom
5 AlleHackbar In Your Face In Your Face (self-released)
6 Bug Chaser Randi Fucked A Shark The Hesitation To Disappear Vicious
7 Rome Is Not A Town Follow Me Home Tender Arms Power Heels Star Tracks
8 Swutscher Tohuwabohu Swutscher La Pochette Surprise
9 Portmonee Perfekte Menschen Gesichter ohne Menschen Chateau Lala
10 Cinemascope In Silence A Crack On The Wall Wave
11 Natjager Alt Under Himlen At Kende Bølge Fra Hav Last Mile
12 Heterochrome Baraye Farda, For Tomorrow From The Ashes (self-released)
13 Varjo-Orkesteri Vihtahousun Illallinen Prima Volta Inverse
14 Steel Shock Child Of The Damned A Crack in the Sky (A Tribute To William J Tsamis) Pitch Black
15 The Three Tremors Kryptonian Steel Guardians Of The Void Steel Cartel
16 Anvil Ghost Shadow Impact Is Imminent Massacre
17 Mezzrow Then Came The Killing Than Came The Killing (Re-Release 1990) Hammerheart
18 The Heretic Order Children Of The Sun III Massacre
19 Luzifer Iron Shackles Iron Shackles High Roller
20 Di'Aul Thou Crawl Abracamacabra MooDDoom
21 Space Vacation Reign In Hell White Hot Reflection Pure Steel
22 Who Saves The Hero? Closure Time Turned Fragile (EP) Lost Music Collective
23 Who Saves The Hero? Give It Everything Time Turned Fragile (EP) Lost Music Collective
24 Who Saves The Hero? Heartbeat Time Turned Fragile (EP) Lost Music Collective


Who Saves The Hero?