Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 17 April 2022

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Hysterese Call Of The Void Hysterese 2021 This Charming Man
2 Årabrot Children Of The Revolution (T. Rex cover) Ukrainian War Refugee Support: A Pelagic Compilation (Vol. I & II) Pelagic
3 Whorses Have You Seen Bob? Whorses Labelman
4 Wir sind Fliegen Neonschein Wir sind Fliegen Barhill
5 Aivolävistys Ajatuksia ja rukouksia Oma illuusio Off
6 Have No Heroes Better Way Letters To Nowhere Black Star Foundation
7 Au-Dessus Negation II Mend (EP) Les Acteurs de l'Ombre
8 Wesenwille Opulent Black Smog (live) I + Live At Roadburn Les Acteurs de l'Ombre
9 Iku-Turso Wrath Of The Woesome Woods Into Dawnless Realms Korpituli / Wolfspell
10 Kyle Sevenoaks Breathe (The Prodigy cover) Breathe (Single) (self-released)
11 The Cross Umbral Act II: Walls Of The Forgotten Pitch Black
12 Dawn Of Demise Intent To Kill Hate Takes Its Form (Re-Release 2007) Emanzipation
13 Sijjeel Inverted Contentment In Salvation Salvation Within Insanity Comatose
14 Boba Cat Bleeding While Shittin' Maximum Erection Calyra
15 J.B.O. Planet Pink Planet Pink AFM
16 Inner Axis Midnight Hunter Midnight Hunter / Steelbladed Avenger (Double Single) Fastball
17 Emissary Ruler Of Defiance The Wretched Masquerade Underground Power
18 Sin Starlett Solid Source Of Steel Solid Source Of Steel Metalizer
19 Infected Rain Fighter Ecdysis Napalm
20 Infected Rain Longing Ecdysis Napalm
21 Infected Rain These Walls Ecdysis Napalm


Infected Rain