Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 30 September 2001

Band Song Label
1 Desiderata Father And Son (DIY)
2 Inhuman Cursed Kingfisher / SPV
3 Burden Of Grief Cold Fire Massacre
4 Bronx Casket Co. Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore Massacre
5 Saviour Machine Twelve-Hundred-Sixty Days Massacre
6 re-Vision Longevity B.Mind
7 Thoughtsphere Gold B.Mind
8 Godless Wicked Creeps Perfect Day Lucky Seven / Diehard
9 Murray The Cop Angels Hang Their Socks On The Moon Economy Island
10 Saturn Lily To Remake The Flyer Economy Island
11 Mousie Awol Dodging Invisible Rays (Slow Down) Economy Island
12 Clean State Green River (DIY)
13 Station 17 FC Olé What's So Funny About
14 Peter Hammill Here Come The Talkies Fie!
15 Butch & Jean Christmas Lights (DIY)
16 Agent Steel Bleed For The Godz Century Media
17 Powergod Bleed For The Godz Massacre
18 Traceelords Sex, Money, Rock'n'Roll Massacre
19 Traceelords Feel Like Charlie Brown Massacre
20 Traceelords Bad News Mum Massacre




2 CDs by Godless Wicked Creeps, courtesy of Lucky Seven / Diehard

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