Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 07 October 2001

Band Song Label
1 Six Feet Under Stepping Stone Metal Blade
2 Mastodon We Built This Come Death Relapse
3 Clawfinger Burn In Hell Supersonic
4 Maximum Penalty Don't Walk Away I Scream
5 Crosscut Medley Fame
6 Godflesh Anthem Music For Nations
7 Itä-Saksa Der Kommissar Reindeer Rock
8 Elysaeon Deep In Me (Demo)
9 Turbostaat 18 Uhr 9 Rookie
10 Electric Frankenstein Super Sonic Nation Victory
11 Yage Der Traum läuft Nova
12 Def Dump David Versus Corporate Society (DIY)
13 Rydell Nothing By Morning Ignition
14 Will Haven Saga Music For Nations
15 Torpid Zulu Own
16 Peter Hammill Somebody Bad Enough Fie!
17 Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts & Flowers Geffen
18 Butch & Jean Ms. Cantouchet Shuteye
19 Butch & Jean The Lord Gave Us Memories Shuteye
20 Butch & Jean Closin' Shuteye


Butch & Jean


1 CD by Crosscut, courtesy of Fame

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