Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 14 October 2001

Band Song Label
1 Antithesis Distanced Massacre
2 Bronx Casket Co. BBC / Sweet Home Transylvania Massacre
3 Unjust Nylon Mascot
4 Ancient The Witch Metal Blade
5 Aurora Borealis Dream Gold Diehard
6 Inhuman Schizophrenia (DIY)
7 Inhuman Why I Hate Rawk
8 Inhuman Temporary Kingfisher / Suburban
9 Pig Destroyer Pornographic Memory Relapse
10 Virulence Texture Shock Morbid
11 Unlord Victory Displeased
12 Station 17 Ich rauche gern What's So Funny About
13 Bambix X-Ray The Candy Nasty Vinyl
14 Toxkäpp Stroossen-Rowdie Prolls Royce
15 Mousse 20 Incest For Example ILL
16 Peter Hammill That Must Be The House Some Bizzare
17 Butch & Jean The News (DIY)
18 Powers Court House Of Sorrow Dragonheart
19 Hypnos Raven's Opera D'Moll / Crystal Purity Of Treachery Morbid
20 Hypnos Endorsed By Satan Morbid




3 CDs by Aurora Borealis, courtesy of Diehard

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