Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 25 November 2001

Band Song Label
1 Will Haven Dallass Drake Revelation
2 Breakdown Trouble I Scream
3 Backfire What Holds Us Together I Scream
4 Beatsteaks Summer Epitaph
5 Last Millenium Suckers The Sucker In Me Is The Sucker In You Winged Skull
6 River City Rebels Daddy Was A Drunk Victory
7 The (International) Noise Conspiracy Breakout 2001 Burning Heart
8 Kitshickers Le Côté Caché de la Lune (DIY)
9 Remember Twilight An meinem Tod (DIY)
10 Butch & Jean Ike Answer The Phone (DIY)
11 Peter Hammill 861 And Counting Fie!
12 Mousse 20 Videogame 2 ILL
13 Disinter Where We Are Mortal Morbid
14 Edenbridge Suspiria Massacre
15 Thought Sphere Eos / Mom's Gonna Be Pissed B.Mind
16 Ceremonial Embrace Kohti Surmaa Displeased
17 Captor Hold Me Save Me Hammer
18 Bolt Thrower Contact Wait Out Metal Blade
19 Bronx Casket Co. The Other Me Massacre
20 Fleshcrawl Carved In Flesh Metal Blade
21 Fleshcrawl Breeding The Dead Metal Blade
22 Fleshcrawl Metal Gods Metal Blade



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