Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 17 February 2002

Band Song Label
1 Yes Men I Won't Run White Jazz
2 Burnt By The Sun Don Knotts Relapse / Suburben
3 Crown Death Metal Holocaust Metal Blade
4 Necrosphere Iconoclast Diehard
5 Bludgeon Tortured Through Lies Metal Blade
6 King Diamond Mommy Metal Blade
7 Metalium Rasputin Massacre
8 Callenish Circle When The Lady Smiles Metal Blade
9 Cornerstone Unchosen One Massacre
10 Falconer Enter The Glades Metal Blade
11 Lana Lane The Beast Within Me Limb Music
12 Frugopop High Fidelity (For Me) (DIY)
13 Ex-Inferis Beyond The Grave (DIY)
14 Butch & Jean Closin' (DIY)
15 Peter Hammill Time To Burn Fie!
16 Cannibal Corpse Pit Of Zombies Metal Blade
17 Sacred Steel Faces Of The Antichrist Massacre
18 Sacred Steel Slaughter Prophecy Massacre
19 Sacred Steel The Rites Of Sacrifice Massacre
20 Gorelord Hell's Kitchen Baphomet / Suburban
21 Decapitated Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer?) Earache
22 Negligent Collateral Collapse Energy Of Nucleus Relapse / Suburban


Sacred Steel

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