Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 26 May 2002

Band Song Label
1 T.V. Smith The Lion And The Lamb JKP
2 Soul Season See The Sun Skunk
3 André Moraes Procura O Cara Mascot
4 Robocop Kraus Poor Soul Relax Swing DeLuxe
5 Quetzal Happy Song Conspiracy
6 Dolly Corps salin EastWest
7 DoomSword Onward Into Battle (On The March Again) Dragonheart
8 Refused Coup d'Etat (live)
9 Fetuxion The Foecalopuritalophagist Morku
10 Bambi Molesters She's So Soft Inside Plastic Bomb
11 Eidolon Life In Agony Metal Blade
12 Skinny Norris No Decision Unter Schafen
13 Standstill Circle Bcore
14 Clean State Consequence (DIY)
15 Wizo Weiter Hulk
16 Butch & Jean Bonus Track - The Cloggin' Mules (DIY)
17 Roger Eno & Peter Hammill Fools Fie!
18 Tocotronic Die 10-Uhr Show L'Age D'Or
19 Las Mañanitas Bob und Jack REIZline
20 Penadas Por La Ley Usurpando Mis Derechos Deifer
21 Bloodflowerz Fatal Kiss Silverdust
22 Bloodflowerz Diabolic Angel Silverdust
23 Bloodflowerz Cold Rain Silverdust



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