Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 4 August 2002

Band Song Label
1 Subsonic Mind Bomb Kooklävu
2 Twyster May-Day Massacre
3 Majesty Metal To The Metalheads Massacre
4 Stormwitch The Knights Of Light Silverdust
5 Spirit Web Once Beyond Mausoleum
6 Riot Turn The Tables Metal Blade
7 Anguish Obsidian Lies Massacre
8 Vehemence Jesus, I Fucking Hate You Metal Blade
9 Ad Inferna L'Empire des Sens Silverdust
10 Gerbe Of Life Trouble Psychologique (DIY)
11 Strike Anywhere Timebomb Generation Jade Tree
12 Complete Residue Last Effort
13 Converge Homewrecker Equal Vision
14 Roger Eno & Peter Hammill Never Fie!
15 Butch & Jean Sleepin' On The Porch (DIY)
16 Miss Wyoming Breaking Up Frog Sound
17 Shandon Sesto Senso Funtime
18 Voodoo Glow Skulls Little Red Riding Hood Victory
19 Death By Stereo Wasted Words Epitaph
20 Snapcase Are You Tuned In? Victory
21 Lariat Silence Is Golden Last Effort
22 Cattle Decapitation Testicular Manslaughter Metal Blade
23 Lividity Anal Autopsy Morbid
24 Dreaming In Red Devotion (DIY)
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