Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 18 August 2002

Band Song Label
1 Soilent Green Afterthought Of A Genius Relapse / Suburban
2 Cattle Decapitation Long-Pig Chef And The Hairless Goat Metal Blade
3 Bloodlet Learn To Fly: Ascent Victory
4 Nodes Of Ranvier Do You Wanna Dance? (9-11-01) Facedown
5 Darkest Hour An Epitaph Victory
6 December Waiting For Rain Earache
7 Voodoo Glow Skulls One For The Road Victory
8 Casanovas Nasty Rubber
9 Bitch Alert Heroine Gaga Goodies
10 Antimatter Saviour Prophecy Productions
11 deVOID Walking MusicCastle
12 Empyrium Waldpoesie Prophecy Productions
13 Propagandhi Back To The Motor League G7 Welcoming Committee
14 Kafkas Dein Herz Domcore
15 Dynamite Dresden Die Tanke (DIY)
16 Strike Anywhere Sunset On 32nd Street Jade Tree
17 Butch & Jean Milkin' Time At Aunt Nell's (DIY)
18 Roger Eno & Peter Hammill Open Fie!
19 Guitar Zeus Korea This Time Around One Music
20 Riot Essential Enemies Metal Blade
21 Vehemence I Didn't Kill Her Metal Blade
22 Twyster Warhorse Massacre
23 Twyster Twyster Massacre
24 Twyster Obsidian Lies Massacre



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