Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 25 August 2002

Band Song Label
1 Ex-Inferis Sick Devotion Skipworth
2 Fallen Front Toward Enemy Metal Blade
3 Murderdolls Dead In Hollywood Roadrunner
4 Stone Sour Get Inside Roadrunner
5 Pathos Katharsis Massacre
6 Anvil Sativa Massacre
7 Taetre Virus Mighty Music
8 Tyrant Maze Of Inferno Displeased
9 Mystic Circle 666 (Mark Of The Devil) Massacre
10 Unlord Force Of The Serpent Displeased
11 Dead To Fall Memory Victory
12 Strike Anywhere Detonation Jade Tree
13 dEFDUMp The Underlying Tone Self-Fulfillment
14 Pedro The Lion Rapture Jade Tree
15 Sometree Cobalt Magic Bullet
16 Poshblokes Hometown (DIY)
17 Butch & Jean Old Friends (DIY)
18 David Cross Troppo Red Hot
19 Autumnblaze Mute Boy Sad Girl Prophecy Productions
20 Mad X-Ray No Water Noiseworks
21 Flying Virgins Your Spectacular Light Quartermain
22 Saves The Day At Your Funeral Motor
23 Snapcase First Word Victory
24 Ten Foot Pole Sarah Jones Victory
25 tauReif Im Regen Noiseworks
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