Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 6 October 2002

Band Song Label
1 Backfire! The Way I Live I Scream
2 Snapcase Ten a.m. Victory
3 Nodes Of Ranvier Soundtrack For Salvation Facedown
4 Chaos Generation Ta Parasima Toy Paradisou Wipe Out
5 69 Eyes Betty Blue Poko
6 Setting Sun Healing (Advance)
7 Orplid Später Tag Prophecy Productions
8 Eher Uncool Drunken Butterfly Noiseworks
9 Union Youth Fruits For The Nation Eastwest
10 That Very Time I Saw Tables Turning (Advance)
11 Shadowkeep Seventeen Limb
12 Nile Sarcophagus Relapse / Suburban
13 Ektomorf An Les Devla Silverdust
14 Petrograd No Stripes On The Moon (Advance)
15 Complete A Halo In Flames Last Effort
16 Lyssa Macho Grande Noiseworks
17 Peter Hammill Under Cover Names Fie!
18 Mad X-Ray Easy Strong Noiseworks
19 Butch & Jean This Boy (DIY)
20 Congaking Schneemann, wo brennts? Bong
21 Congaking Heart Of Glass Bong
22 Congaking Ich will dein Rasenmäher sein Bong



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